marți, 29 mai 2012

Programul european Tineret in Actiune ”United Games of Nations 2012”, Isola, Slovenia

Din partea Asociatiei au participat Raluca Tanasescu, Diana Aldea, Ana Maria Panaitescu, Gabriela Popescu si Levent Cracea.

Greetings from the UG team,

I can finally officially say, that the date of the United Games of Nations 2012 is from the 26. of August to the 1. September 2012. You will receive the 1st info paper before the 1st of July, where more information about the exchange as such will be given, but since most of you already have an experience with the United Games of Nations in Izola you have a general idea about the exchange.

This date is official and not subject to change, so you can write it down in your calendars :)

Participants: each delegation consists of 4 participants and 1 delegation leader from each country.

Main theme: The main theme of the exchange is »youth in sports«. The goal will be to present sporting activities as a pivotal component in a healthy lifestyle that most young people nowadays don't practice.

Programme: To encourage young people to live a physically active life, the participants will listen to a presentation about healthy lifestyle and nutrition and also learn about peculiar sports from each country. To show that you can be physically active and also do some good work we will go away from Izola for 2 days and do volunteering work in another community.

Financial background: The participants will get free meals and accommodation, 70% of travel costs covered. A fee of 100€ per participant will be charged for Slovenian organizers and for Romanian participants an additional fee of 200 Ron will go to the sending association.

Who can apply: The preferred age for the participants is 16-­19 years of age, while delegation leaders can be older and must be over 18.

Peter Sik
United Games of Nations Slovenia

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