marți, 16 iulie 2013

OFF-ON youth exchange, Postojna, SLOVEnia

Update: Din partea asociației, vor participa: Raluca Ilina (17), Andrei(17) si Amalia Holban (21), Maria Tolea (17) si Mircea Nedelcu (21).

Firstly, the exchange will last for 4 days in Postojna, Slovenia. Organizers will try to combine all of our ideas  into 4-day youth exchange, so we will be happy for welcoming all of you.
To support the exchange, we will still expect a 80€ participation fee per person, but we will be returning 70% of your travel costs and can be deducted from it (a limit for travel is around 125€ for 100% costs per person.

At the beginning of August you can expect an Infopaper with additional information about all the things we will be preparing during the exchange!

Zala Žvab, Head organizer of OFF-ON

Venue: Postojna (the world known caves)
Themes: anti-discrimination and sustainable development
Partners: up to seven, altogether up to 40 participants
Participants: in the age range of 15-19 years, delegation leader must be 18 years to 25 max, 5 people (4 participants and 1 delegation leader),
Period: between 19th and 23rd of August
Costs: 100% accommodation and meals, 70% of your travel costs will be covered, 130,00 Eur participation fee per participant
Pentru detalii legate de participarea din partea Asociației, trimiteți un e-mail la

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